ONIX Miracle

New Generation Hi-Fi Streamer

ONIX Miracle

New Generation Hi-Fi Streamer

Unique hi-fi stack concept, combining Streaming Center / Portable Player, High-End DAC

with Headphone Amplifier and Adjustable Power Supply. All with the heritage of traditional British Sound.

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Onix OC93

High-End CD Player & Streamer

Combining a High-End CD Player with a full Hi-Fi streamer, ONIX OC93 is the ultimate digital source for any Hi-Fi rig. Featuring AKM AK4497 DAC, Philips CDM4 Drive, 7-inch Touch Screen, Android Based system, supporting up to 32 bit / 768 kHz & DSD256


Onix OIA92
High-End Integrated Amplifier

Offering up to 200W@8Ohms//360W@4 Ohms per channel, with up to
500 W@8 Ohms in bridge mono mode. Powered by 600VA UI transformer, paired with Nichikon capacitors and Sanken transistors. All in massive 29kg machined aluminium construction, with an acrylic front panel and gold-plated elements for the classic Onix look.


MSRP 8399

Exploring the beauty of musical balance